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Niš is a city with about 300 000 inhabitants which lies on the Nišava river, and serves as an extremely important regional, administrative, cultural, economic, business and university center of the southeastern Serbia. Get great bonuses on the site with book of ra. Limited offer.

Situated in the Niš Valley at an average altitude of 192 metres, at the mouth of the Nišava River into the South Morava River, Niš covers the range of approximately 600 square kilometres.  It is surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges such as the Suva Mountain, the Svrljig Mountains and the Seličevica.

Due to its peculiar geographic position, throughout history, Niš has been known as ‘The Gateway between the East and the West’. Consequently, the city has often been a target of military invasions, whose impact is reflected in the numerous historical monuments. Stop sitting and doing nothing! Change everything here and now with free pokies aristocrat! Don’t wait a second!

Nowadays, Niš represents an important European crossroads, where the route E-75 from Hungary splits into two directions: south, towards the FYR of Macedonia and Greece and west, along the Niš Valley towards Bulgaria, Turkey and the Near East. The road to Bulgaria in particular has been one of the most important routes on the Balkans. It dates back from the age of Roman and Byzantine Empire when it was referred to as ‘Via Militaris’, and was a vital thoroughfare used during the Medieval period, when it was known as the ‘Constantinople Road’. Due to the rapid development of electronic industry in the second half of the 20th century, Niš used to be known as ‘The City of TVs’. Today, Niš is a city undergoing an economic revival and is a location of great tourist potential. Niš is famous for the numerous monuments which testify for its turbulent history, its nature which offers peace and tranquility as well as potential for extreme sports, its stunning architecture, as well as entertainment in the form of a large number of festivals. You will always be welcomed by agreeable and cheerful hosts who will be happy to guide you through the local past times.


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